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Then cut the front hair into bangs, which are long and tapering. But a simple, straight bob can get boring. Style with clay gel on damp hair, and get a ravishing look. Here are a few hairstyles for women who are a bit on the heavy side to bring out the best in them. Read this article to understand about the various types of styles which are perfect for any special occasion. This makes wavy haircuts for guys extremely low on maintenance. There are a number of short haircuts that make you look chic and urbane. Apply a bit of thickening cream at the crown and blow-dry hair for a stylish Pixie!

Curly hair can be quite difficult to manage, especially if your curls are dry, thick, and coarse. Rasta-style cotton and wooden cams are also quite popular among people as they are extremely light and perfect for short dreadlocks. Despite popular belief, men can be as fastidious about their appearance as women. Bald men have an advantage over those who have a full head of hair. Learn how to curl micro braids from the following article. One of the most remarkable features of military men and women is their haircuts, which are so trendy that even civilians try to emulate them. Given in this article are ways in which you can style short hair adhering to... Choose a style you're comfortable with, but don't forget to experiment once in a while. Chose the colon of your choice and highlight the chopped layers. A high bun will make you look adorable.