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All she wants from this holiday is to lose her virginity and try to forget her best friend's betrayal. It's an anniversary for parents cranny and Jim, who are making amends for some rocky marital misgivings; their son Bobby and his much-maligned older girlfriend Carmen have a financial favour to ask; and high school-age daughter Sylvia has made it her mission to lose her virginity to her Spanish tutor. Gr 9 Up—In this delightful concoction, family and friends come together for two weeks of summer holiday on the island of Mallorca. The Vacationers is a summer read for sure, but you'd be hard pressed to find a smarter one. Just as a great recipe is balanced and spiced, so Straub mixes the stress and comedy of a family holiday spent in close quarters to delightful effect. --Kevin Nguyen --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

In general, it is best to ask for a room above the ground floor. It may not seem like a real issue, but thieves can access ground-floor rooms quite easily. Sliding doors are another thing to avoid when possible. Rooms with sliding doors are at a greater risk of being breaking into.

That's an option Beach Caddy did not plan on but added at the request of a property owner who wanted to offer the service to his renters as an added perk. That was David Teufel, 33, who owns a small duplex on 11th Street at Asbury Avenue, which he started renting out last summer. His inspiration for adding the Beach Caddy amenity came after his first renter, when asked, said he would not return for another stay, complaining that the three-block walk to the beach with three kids, all under 7, and chairs and toys was "a lot of work," Teufel said. That renter was his brother. Teufel said he Googled "beach wheelchairs" with the idea of buying some sort of "wheelbarrow with sand tires" to make available for his renters. To his surprise, "I found people that actually do that" at Beach Caddy, Teufel said. He passes on to his renters about half the price of the Beach Caddy service, or $100 a week - and harbors a little bitterness over not starting something like it himself. As an Ocean City lifeguard for 11 summers, Teufel said, he watched many families struggle on and off the beach with loads of equipment, toys, and refreshments, "dropping stuff in defeat." "I never connected the dots in my head, but I'm glad they did," Teufel said.

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The Post family’s holiday to the Balearic island of Mallorca is one fraught with jealousy and quiet secrets. Emma Straub has captured this dilemma in her pitch-perfect second novel The Vacationers. The novel is warm--not just for the sunny beaches that surround Mallorca, but for the compassion and humour that Straub imbues in her characters. Cue Joan, the gorgeous local college boy cranny has hired to tutor Sylvia in Spanish. --Kevin Nguyen --This text refers to the Hardcover edition. An Amazon Best Book of the Month, June 2014: Here's the funny thing about family: there's no one you love more than your relatives, and yet they're also the people who push your buttons the most.